Jim Harbaugh reacts to Michigan punt fumble (Video)


Jim Harbaugh thought he had secured his first upset win at Michigan — then fate stepped in and kicked him in the nuts. 

Michigan State was the higher ranked team on Saturday, but all eyes and most bets were on Michigan mauling them alive inside the Big House. It was Jim Harbaugh’s first rivalry game against a massive Big Ten opponent and it was looking like it would end well for him. With just seconds left in the game, Michigan only needed to punt the ball away and waste the rest of the clock to secure the first signature win of the Harbaugh era.

There was literally seconds left and the stars in the universe needed to align perfectly for something to go wrong. Unfortunately for Harbaugh, his first truly memorable moment at Michigan was ripe for the picking for all he wrong reasons.

We all know what happened, we’ll spare Wolverines fans the details:

Harbaugh reacted to the miserable series of events the exact way you’d expect him to. While he’s probably somewhere beating a hate drum, shirtless and in a rage, he tried to spin it as a building block after the game.

Harbaugh isn’t going to be leave Ann Arbor whistling about the way things ended, but this is Harbaugh going full Harbaugh without the visuals we hoped we’d see.

He’s also not wrong about it being a building block moment for the team. If you think this isn’t going to stick in Harbaugh’s craw for the rest of his natural born life, and that he’s not going to use it against the Spartans every year he coaches against them, you don’t know Harbaugh.