Texas A&M’s Justin Evans lights up Derrick Henry (Video)


There are not many times where you’ll see Derrick Henry blown up like this but Justin Evans made it happen

Generally when you talk about Alabama running back Derrick Henry, you talk about looking forward to watching him just absolutely destroy people. Never really will you talk about Henry being the one put on his backside because, quite frankly, it doesn’t seem possible.

Well, it is possible and that was proven to us by Texas A&M’s Justin Evans in the third quarter of the showdown on Saturday in College Station.

Alabama was faced with a short yardage situation, so naturally you give the ball to your bruiser in Henry if you’re Alabama. The only problem was, Evans was not having any of it and just exploded Henry in the process.

Now there is definitely something you didn’t think that you would see today. Heck, again, there are some that thought we’d never see that. But, Justin Evans is no slouch on that defensive side of the ball and this was clear evidence of that.

Cherish this here, because you never know if you’ll see it again.