Damian Lillard split the entire Clippers defense for a dunk (Video)

Credit: The Cauldron (Twitter)
Credit: The Cauldron (Twitter) /

Damian Lillard just made everyone on the floor for the Clippers look silly

Damian Lillard seemed like he was poised for a breakout season with the Portland Trail Blazers last year, but he actually showed minor signs of regression. That’s certainly going to change heading into the 2015-16 NBA season, though, as he has the reigns of the Trail Blazers after the departures of the other four starters from last season. If what he did to the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night is any indication, that’s exciting for basketball fans.

In the first quarter against the Clippers, Lillard was bringing the ball up the floor to get the offense going. Meyers Leonard set a screen on Chris Paul at the top of the key and Lillard blew by his man and then blew by both DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin as well on his way to a one-handed jam:

While J.J. Redick and Lance Stephenson just kind of stood there and watched Lillard take it to the rack, that’s really all they could do after the Portland point guard eviscerated the other three defenders on the floor.

There’s no denying Lillard’s talent, but it’s going to be a ton of fun watching him take over as the leader of the Trail Blazers. Hopefully it will include many more plays like this one.