Tennessee’s Brian Randolph with the amazing interception of Jacob Coker (Video)


Tennessee’s Brian Randolph pulled off the amazing interception on Saturday against Alabama in the second quarter

While a lot of people might not like paying attention to the defensive side of the ball all that much, there are some plays made that have you nodding your head in approval. Saturday in the Alabama vs Tennessee game, we had a defensive play that was quite simply a work of art.

When a defensive back baits a quarterback into a bad throw so he can potentially make the interception, there really is nothing better. Well, that’s exactly what Brian Randolph did here.

As Alabama was driving to try and take the lead, Randolph baited Tide quarterback Jacob Coker into this throw and then he pulled off the awesome pick because of the mistake.

That was just perfectly executed by Randolph there. One moment Coker thought that he had the easy play down the field, and then the next it was all taken away from Randolph who purposely caused the mistake. That right there is how you play defensive back over the top near perfectly.