Don Cherry thinks the Blue Jays got ‘stiffed’ (Video)


The Toronto Blue Jays were eliminated from the MLB Postseason on Friday night, and Don Cherry is not very pleased. 

When the Toronto Blue Jays advanced to the ALCS, it got the whole country of Canada behind the team. so, naturally when they were eliminated it was a blow felt in every province across the land of hockey.

In fact, the loss was such a brutal thing to deal with that it was the lead off rant for Don Cherry on Hockey Night in Canada tonight.

To lead off Hockey Night in Canada, Cherry discussed how he thought the Blue Jays got stiffed in Game 6 of the ALCS.

Cherry claims to be speaking for the Jays players, who weren’t so impressed with some of the calls that didn’t go their way over the course of the game. Toronto had a right to fell gipped in Game 5 against Texas in the ALDS but fans are connecting that umpiring gaffe with some supposed blown calls in Game 6.

What’s best about this is Cherry just goes off on something he is largely swinging in the dark at. He’s a hockey guy and one that polarizing fans all across the world. Now he’s roping in baseball folks, a fan base full of rabid defenders of their favorite sport who might end up going after Cherry for calling out the officiating.

Then again, it wouldn’t be Hockey Night in Canada without Don Cherry ruffling feathers — especially when he takes the metaphor to the next level and actually becomes a chicken, kind of.