Buster Skrine destroyed Julian Edelman (Video)


The New England Patriots are out for blood this season — but the Jets are fighting back with a fury.


Tom Brady decided that he was going to troll the Jets this morning with a lame geezer troll that your grandparents found hilarious but everyone else rolled their eyes at. New York wasn’t having any of that, and Buster Skrine was not about to let Julian Edelman run routes against him without making him pay.

And make him pay he did.

Just watch, as Skrine not only destroyed Edelman but completely de-cleated him:

That’s the type of hit that makes you think about it the next time you go across the middle or leaving yourself open for a hit. Edelman is the Wes Welker of this generation of the Patriots, and he takes his licks and earns his keep in Tom Brady’s offense.

But you always want to be careful when you send your best receiver out in the open like that and leave him vulnerable to huge hits like that. Edelman has proven he can take hits, but you don’t want to over do it or expose him to hits like this that could take him out.