Devin Street amazing tip-toe TD grab for Cowboys vs Giants (Video)


Devin Street made one of the best catches of the year in the NFL for a touchdown, and it came at the perfect time for the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are trying to navigate themselves through the next few weeks of the season without the services of two of their top stars in Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. With that being the case, that means that others on the team have to step up and carry the load.

Well, while it might not be Romo to Bryant, Matt Cassel and Devin Street came through in a huge way for the Cowboys on Sunday when they really needed it.

Down 20-13 in the fourth quarter with about seven minutes in the game, the Cowboys were driving the field looking to tie it up. 25 yards away from the end zone, Cassel fired the ball to the back corner and Street came down with one of the best catches that we will see all season.

You really can’t get much closer than that, and you have to give credit to both men here on the play. The throw was perfection and so was the catch.

That’s the good news for the Cowboys. The bad news? Well, the Giants returned the ensuing kickoff for a touchdown.