WWE Hell in a Cell results: Seth Rollins vs Kane full video highlights

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Results and highlights for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Seth Rollins and Kane

Kane and Seth Rollins have been feuding for months on end, but it all comes to a head at WWE Hell in a Cell. Rollins put his WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line against the Demon Kane while a loss for Demon Kane would cost Corporate Kane his title as the WWE’s Director of Operations. With those stakes and bad blood, it was bound to be an entertaining bout.

True to his character, Rollins started the match just yelling and mouthing off to Kane. That led to the champ getting angry and pushing Kane’s face away. That only angered the Demon and Kane went to work with some quick, heavy-hitting offense. He then quickly went to the outside to tear the cover off the announce table, no doubt with bad intentions in mind:

However, Rollins fled, got into the ring and then tried to take Kane down with a Suicide Dive. The Demon was having none of it, though, and caught him with a big uppercut:

Seth did get the edge for a bit on the apron as he took Kane’s knee out. Then the WWE World Heavyweight champ got Kane to the outside and again tried to take him out with a dive to the outside. This one, however, landed square:

That gave Rollins the space and time to start wearing down the bigger man, using headlock submissions, strikes, and even some cheap blows to the throat. But Kane wasn’t out of it for too long as he began to fight back.

This began a pretty long sequence full of big spots, counters, back-and-forths and so on, including a big superplex and a Chokeslam from Kane to Rollins:

After not getting the pin with Chokeslam, Kane tried to set the champ up for a Tombstone, but Rollins slithered away and crawled away from danger out on the floor. Kane caught up to him, though, and tried to set up a Chokeslam through the announce table, but Rollins slid under his legs and hit Kane with a powerbomb onto the Spanish announce table:

The Demon was almost counted out after that powerbomb, but made it back into the ring just in time. However, Seth was there waiting with a slew of elbow shots, springboard knees to the head, and even a frog splash. Kane still wouldn’t be denied, though:

Kane tried to show signs of life once again as Rollins mocked him by standing over him and taunting him. The Demon’s arm shot up to tease a Chokeslam, but Seth fought out of the hold and hit a Pedigree to pick up the victory:

Seth retained his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but now Corporate Kane is out of work.