Dirk Nowitzki Dressing Up As Lurch For Halloween Is The Best Thing Ever

Photo Credit: Dirk Nowitzki Twitter Screengrab
Photo Credit: Dirk Nowitzki Twitter Screengrab /

If there was one Halloween costume that Dirk Nowitzki was made for, it was Lurch from The Adams Family.

Oftentimes we’ll see people dressed up for Halloween and think to ourselves, “Yes, that’s so much win. Bravo.” That’s exactly what the majority of NBA fans felt on social media when they saw seven foot power forward Dirk Nowitzki dressed up as Lurch from the Addams Family as they retweeted the picture more than 3000 times. Dirk himself tweet’ed a picture of him and his wife Jessica Olson before they headed out to the Dallas Mavericks Halloween party yesterday morning (Oct. 25, 2015) and it’s everything we imagined it would be. Check out that picture below (and that extra step adds a couple of inches…)

And Nowitzki wasn’t the only member of the Dallas Mavericks dressed up as Tamara Jolee of the Mavericks was also in attendance and tweeted this picture with a couple of his teammates. We have to admit that Dirk does have the best face out of all the players.

If you were wondering, Ted Cassidy who played Lurch stood at a lanky 6’9″ so Dirk had at least three inches on the beloved Addams Family manservant. One thing’s for sure though, Dirk moves alot faster and talks at a faster pace than then Lurch ever did.

And the Mavericks weren’t the only team with a Halloween party that day as it looks like the Oklahoma City Thunder had a shindig of their own. Steven Adams is definitely the tallest Joker in a nurse costume (from “The Dark Knight”) we’ve certainly ever seen. His blocks during gameplay just might “wipe that smile off” plenty of other player’s faces.

Now if we could only get a sound-bite of Dirk saying, “You rang?”