Ravens get penalized because refs don’t know rules (Video)


The Baltimore Ravens ran a really nice design out onto the field against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football, and it resulted in a play that put them in the Arizona red zone. However, it was called back, because the officials don’t understand the National Football League’s rules.

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Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh sent offensive lineman John Urschel onto the field and told him to report as eligible. Urschel went out toward the huddle and looked at the back judge, then made the universal sign for reporting as eligible, which is wiping down your jersey.

Don’t believe me? Here is the proof:

Urschel did exactly what he was supposed to do. So what followed? The officials claimed that the Ravens were lined up in an illegal formation, because Urschel was not covered up by a tight end or wide receiver. However, because Urschel was eligible, he can’t be covered up. In fact, he was acting as a tight end or wide receiver.

This is a ridiculously bad job by the officials. They are paid thousands of dollars for every game to simply know the NFL rules. Instead, they made a big mistake, taking away a sizable gain and a first and goal situation from Baltimore inside Arizona’s 10-yard line. Instead, the Ravens got stuck with a 1st and 15 and never recovered, eventually kicking a Justin Tucker field goal.

The NFL needs to educate its officials better, or better yet, clear up the rulebook.

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