NFL fines William Gay for wearing Domestic Violence Awareness cleats

Oct 12, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback William Gay (22) against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 12, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback William Gay (22) against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports /

The NFL remains as tone deaf as possible — but their latest fine is an affront to humanity. 

Remember when the NFL fined Steelers defensive star Cam Hayward for wearing eye black that honored his dead, former NFL star dad who succumbed to cancer — during Breast Cancer month? Well they’ve outdone themselves with their latest fine.

Somewhere, Joseph McCarthy is blushing in his grave at the way the NFL is so blindly subscribing to the status quo, as they’ve fined Steelers cornerback William Gay for wearing purple cleats in an effort to raise awareness for victims of domestic abuse.

Not only is Gay wearing the cleats to honor victims of domestic abuse, but he’s wearing them to honor his mother — who was murdered at the hands of a her domestic abuser.

You might have seen the commercial that ran this weekend during NFL games.

Oh how socially conscious of the NFL — right?

Here’s the message the NFL is sending: you can honor victims of cancer, domestic violence and pay homage to your dead parents — if you let them make money off of it. This is a capitalist country after all, and we’ll be damned if the billion dollar business known as the NFL loses money by not shamelessly exploiting dead parents and victims of domestic abuse.

Get off the sidelines — just make sure you’re wearing the right color cleats when you do so.

If you need a blueprint on how to be a pastiche of sexist, mouth breathing 1950s society, look no further than the turds at the NFL who continue to live in Eisenhower America despite the fact it’s 2015. The amount of glue being huffed at league offices is beyond comprehension at this point — it’s facetious levels that are insulting to even people who’re garbage human beings.

We all hate the Greg Hardy’s of the NFL but the knuckle draggers are the league offices are the real villains in this story, playing the part of Gus Fringe in a league that has broke bad in all the most disgusting ways possible. Beyond the ridiculous way they fine players but enable criminals who abuse women without remorse, the NFL has stepped in a pile of crap that will hopefully suck them under and suffocate the way they do things from this point forward.

It’s just getting depressing at this point. It’s not about football anymore, it’s about your moral code — and you don’t even need to be that good of a person to be on the right side of things here. There will be moron window lickers on the wrong side of every single issue known to mankind that will look at this and blush at the NFL’s tone deaf stance.

We get it — you have a dress code in your game where men put on a uniform to gyrate in large piles with one another. But there’s a difference between a Sean Taylor putting finger tape all over his facemask and a player honoring his dead mother who was the victim of something the NFL has been very closely associated with for all the wrong reasons.

There’s respecting the dress code and then there’s respecting human beings. The world will not plunge into chaos of the NFL allow William Gay or Cam Heyward to honor their dead parents. The league will not unravel if the dress code is violated; the apocalypse will not commence. But hey, rules are rules.

You don’t need to be a good person to be mad about how tone deaf and offensive this stance by the NFL is — you just need to be better people than the folks running things.