Bill Simmons comments on ESPN shutting down Grantland

Is Bill Simmons leaving ESPN?
Is Bill Simmons leaving ESPN? /

ESPN decided to shut down Grantland on Friday out of nowhere, so of course Bill Simmons decided to weigh in with his opinion

Friday, we were all hit with the news that ESPN was making another cut within the company, but this cut is one that caused a complete stir around the internet. The company announced out of nowhere on Friday that they were suspending the publication of popular website Grantland, much to the dismay of a lot of loyal readers that have been with them for quite some time.

Actually, there have been a lot of loyal readers since it was created by none other than Bill Simmons, who helped turn the site into how popular it was with the help of the many talented writers that he brought on board with him.

Not long after the news came down that Grantland would be no more, Simmons had this to offer up.

While some of you may like Simmons and some of you may not, you do have to feel for the man in the sense that ESPN took something that he successfully created and basically put it out of its misery within a matter of months. Simmons and ESPN parted ways earlier this year, which was a move that some did see coming eventually. We also wondered what would happen to Grantland when the two did part ways.

On Friday, we learned the devastating answer to that question.