Twitter reacts to the death of Grantland


Twitter is not happy about ESPN’s decision to end the publication of sports/pop culture website Grantland

ESPN decided it was in the company’s best interest to cease publication on Friday. Grantland was the brain child of former writer Bill Simmons, as an innovative way to combine both sports and pop culture. Simmons’ departure from ESPN was the beginning of the end for the sports/pop culture website.

As you would expect, this news isn’t setting well with the Twitterverse.

So both the two most notable former members of Grantland, Editor-In-Chief Bill Simmons and NBA expert Zach Lowe are not pleased with ESPN’s decision.

Teams are also paying respect to the publication, like the Atlanta Hawks.

Other writers are going to miss the collective assortment of writing talent in one place.

People are even questioning ESPN’s logic in stopping Grantland, but keeping a show like First Take.

Overall, this isn’t a good day for sports journalism or for fans that just wanted to read something a little different.