The Kicker examines America’s worst sports fan (Video)


Popular YouTube channel, The Kicker, examines just who is the worst sports fan.

Everyone knows “that” person.

The person that loved Duke when they win national championships in college basketball. The same person that also has loved the Seattle Seahawks since 2012. The very same person that was a Lakers fan from 1999-2002 and 2009-2010.

These people walk around the stadium in their new Masahiro Tanaka jerseys, or parade around at the bar in their nice and shiny Jameis Winston Florida State jerseys.

Listen, they exist.

That’s why this week, popular YouTube channel The Kicker examined just how bad these fans are in their hilarious new video.

The video starts of with “Ricky Richards” sitting in his recliner wearing a Lakers jersey, Yankees hat and talking about how far his Dallas Cowboys are going to go this year.

He pretty much hits the big three in one sitting, while sipping from his beverage in a Duke beer coozie. From there, the rout was on of those fans that the support only the team that is winning, instead of staying loyal to their own franchise that is probably suffering at that moment.

The best part, however, is when he’s standing in his Yankees jersey and he talks about how he loved the Chicago Bulls from 1991-1998.

It’s a harsh reality for some fans, but it’s a truthful reality that we live in. Bandwagon sports fans exist and they’re likely to follow the winners.

That’s why this video perfectly makes fun of the fans that are Yankees, Florida State, Chicago Bulls, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys fans all at the same time.

Just remember, they’ve been there since the beginning, bro.