Julian Edelman fumbles, Kirk Cousins gives Patriots ball right back (Video)

Credit: Dov Kleiman (Twitter)
Credit: Dov Kleiman (Twitter) /

Washington got a big break on a Julian Edelman fumble, but Kirk Cousins gave the ball right back with an interception

The New England Patriots jumped on the Washington Redskins as they drove 84 yards for a touchdown on their first drive of Sunday’s game. The Pats followed that up by recovering an onside kick on the ensuing kickoff. Things were starting to look like the Patriots might put up roughly a million points against Washington. Then the Redskins caught a break.

Julian Edelman, who caught the earlier Patriots touchdown, caught a pass over the middle and turned up field. However, once the defense closed on him, Washington was able to strip the ball from him and recover the fumble:

That was a big play for the Redskins to try and swing the momentum in a game where they’re the clear underdogs. However, they did the worst job of all time at capitalizing on that as Kirk Cousins threw an interception on Washington’s first offensive play of the day:

It’s only conjecture, but I would say that most Washington fans do not like that, Kirk.

In fairness, that pick is all on Pierre Garcon. That throw hit him square in the hands in front of his body and he just deflected in straight up in the air. That’s a throw that any NFL wide receiver should be making—especially a veteran guy like Garcon. After the infamous video of Cousins, though, we all had to know something like this was coming, though. The universe always has a sense of humor when it comes to Washington these days.