BAE Index, 11/11/2015: LeBron James is still the good basketball man


LeBron James is still the good basketball man

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James has tempered down on unleashing his (still freaky) athleticism since joining back up with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He gives us peeks every now and then in the open floor, but for the most part he just kind of takes it easy, likely because he’s getting older and has to save his legs a bit more. Well, on Monday James felt the need to cut loose again, and he did it in style. He made a great baseline cut, and Rudy Gobert (who is a fantastic rim protector) stood no chance.

Russell Westbrook throws down in transition

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running man
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Is it weird that I’ve grown so accustomed to Westbrook getting the ball in transition, flying the floor, tomahawking a dunk in, then scowling towards the opposition that it doesn’t even surprise me anymore? I’m not sure there’s any other player in basketball that does spectacular athletic feats with enough regularity that my reaction is just “Yeah he does that.”

Tyler Johnson clowns Marcelo Huertas on multiple occasions

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Marcelo Huertas is a well-respected point guard from Brazil. Before coming over to the NBA, he had been long-established as one of the top point guards in the Euroleague, and had played for his home country in multiple FIBA World Championship tournaments, and in the 2012 Olympics. Tyler Johnson is a fairly anonymous young NBA player (having a nice  who went to Fresno State, went undrafted, and is now carving out a niche in his second year with the Miami Heat. So, judging by their accomplishments, you’d think Huertas would have an edge over Johnson, right?

Wrong. Johnson made Huertas look silly. Twice. On both ends of the floor.

Kristaps Porzingis has yet another tip-dunk

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Young Porzingis is starting to make him tip-dunking over like 4 people (whether they be opponents or teammates that got int he way) into a nightly tradition. Let’s hope he keeps it up.