College Football Results Against The Spread For Week 10


I had a strong week 9. Can I follow that up with a decent week 10? I don’t think I did all that well, but then again, I was listening to all the goings-on on the radio, so it doesn’t give you nearly the scope that television does.

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Here are the college football results against the spread for week 10 of the college football season. Winners against the spread are in BOLD. Here are the picks in case you want to follow along!

Northern Illinois at Toledo(-14.5): MISS! This was a big win for NIU, even though they lost Drew Hare. As for Toledo, they did Houston a big favor.

Ohio at Bowling Green(-21.5): HIT! The Falcons are going to be fun to watch in whatever bowl they wind up in. Not to say that their destruction of the MAC won’t be fun to watch as well.

Buffalo(-2.5) at Kent State: HIT! It’s not very often that a team loses against a small spread like this and still wins the game.

Ball State at Western Michigan(-14.5): MISS! I knew better….

Arkansas State at Appalachian State(-14.5): HIT! I didn’t expect the Red Wolves to win outright, but they did. And they are now 5-0 in the Sun Belt.

Baylor(-16.5) at Kansas State: MISS! This was a really ugly win for Baylor. How ugly? Kansas State quarterback Joe Hubener ran for 153 yards on them.

Mississippi State(-7.5) at Missouri: HIT! This was the worst Missouri’s defense has looked this season. Either that or Dak Prescott really is that good. He just might be. We will see how he fares against Alabama.

Nevada(-4.5) at Fresno State: MISS! I am done with Fresno.

Temple(-14.5) at SMU: HIT! I called it. The Owls won by 20. I didn’t expect them to have to score 60 points to cover it though.

Rice(-7.5) at UTEP: MISS! Whoops.

BYU(-13.5) at San Jose State: MISS! BYU’s offense was a mess in the second half. They were very fortunate to come away with a win.

Akron at Massachusetts(-2.5): MISS! The UMass defense failed……again.

Florida Atlantic at Western Kentucky(-24.5): MISS! FAU gave a great effort in this one.

Central Florida at Tulsa(-16.5): MISS! I once again underestimated how bad the Tulsa defense is.

Penn State at Northwestern(-2.5): MISS! Oh, that stupid half!

Illinois(-2.5) at Purdue: MISS! This was just a beat down in every way possible.

Charlotte at Florida International(-17.5): MISS! Another one missed by the half point. And yes, that is six straight wins against the spread for road teams.

Texas Tech at West Virginia(-8.5): HIT! Tech didn’t win straight up. What was most impressive though was the West Virginia defense.

Duke at North Carolina(-7.5): MISS! This breaks a seven straight win streak by road teams, and it was never close. It was a dominant performance by the Tarheels.

Vanderbilt at Florida(-20.5): MISS! There weren’t even 20 points scored in the entire game by both teams combined! This is exhibit A why Florida is no longer a top ten team. Their offense was miserable.

Kentucky at Georgia(-13.5): HIT! I will be shocked if Kentucky wins another conference game. Yes, I do realize that they play Vanderbilt this week.

Notre Dame(-8.5) at Pittsburgh: HIT! This game wasn’t as close as the scoreboard indicated.

Syracuse at Louisville(-14.5): MISS! You can’t really blame me after how bad Louisville looked against Wake.

North Carolina State(-3.5) at Boston College: MISS! The BC offense is painful to watch.

Stanford(-16.5) at Colorado: HIT! How’s that for a statement: the Cardinal blasted a team on the road that UCLA struggled with. Once again, the Cardinal are the class of the Pac 12.

Louisiana-Lafayette(-3.5) at Georgia State: HIT! Just luck on my part here. Lafayette should have covered this one.

Eastern Michigan at Miami(OH)(-4.5): MISS! The EMU defense looked decent compared to how they usually do, but they still couldn’t stay close.

Idaho at South Alabama(-10.5): HIT! It’s a good thing that I didn’t see that Idaho lost to New Mexico State before I picked this. It would have affected my decision.

Colorado State(-10.5) at Wyoming: MISS! Yep, looks are deceiving!

Virginia at Miami(FL)(-7.5): MISS! The crazy part is that Miami still has a chance in the ACC Coastal division.

Florida State at Clemson(-11.5): MISS! If it weren’t for a terrible first half, Clemson would have covered this.

Arkansas at Mississippi(-10.5): MISS! That Alabama win is starting to look like one hell of a fluke.

Army at Air Force(-17.5): HIT! Finally! A half goes in my favor! The sad thing is, I really need it with the way this week has looked so far.

Arizona State at Washington State(-2.5): HIT! I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t want to play Washington State right now.

Iowa(-7.5) at Indiana: HIT! This was a lot closer than I thought it would be.

Wisconsin(-11.5) at Maryland: HIT! This was a really good performance by Maryland’s defense (for them). Can they build on it?

Rutgers at Michigan(-24.5): HIT! They are going to keep pounding opponents so long as they still have a shot.

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TCU(-4.5) at Oklahoma State: MISS! Bedlam could be the de facto Big 12(10) Championship game!

North Texas at Louisiana Tech(-30.5): MISS! Well, there is my reason not to take North Texas.

Cincinnati at Houston(-8.5): MISS! The Cincinnati offense is a force right now.

Marshall at Middle Tennessee State(-3.5): HIT! That half saved me from a five point embarrassment! Marshall didn’t win straight up, but I still get the win!

Louisiana-Monroe at Troy(-9.5): MISS! Where did that come from? Troy couldn’t even beat perennial tomato can Idaho!

Utah State(-14.5) at New Mexico: MISS! Wow…..just….wow.

New Mexico State at Texas State(-17.5): MISS! Not only did the Aggies not get covered, but they won by ten. Do you ever have a feeling that everything is going wrong? There are a lot of misses on here…..

Connecticut(-6.5) at Tulane: MISS! Well, I was right about the UConn defense at least.

South Carolina at Tennessee(-17.5): HIT! The Gamecocks have actually played better without Spurrier. Maybe he did actually do them a favor by stepping down mid-season.

UCLA(-18.5) at Oregon State: HIT! Fortunately for the Bruins, any bowl game will likely be on the road.

Hawaii at UNLV(-9.5): MISS! Another week, another wrong pick with Hawaii involved….

Iowa State at Oklahoma(-24.5): HIT! The Sooners are on quite a roll right now, but what happens when they go up against a team with a good defensive line? I shudder to think….

Navy at Memphis(-7.5): MISS! Move over Memphis, the Middies are now the AAC darlings.

Old Dominion at UTSA(-10.5): MISS! I’m glad I wasn’t more confident about it….

Michigan State(-5.5) at Nebraska: MISS! The Huskers just bought Mike Riley the rest of the season, and possibly next year as well.

Utah at Washington(-2.5): HIT! Hitting most of these big point games might keep me above water this week.

Auburn at Texas A&M(-7.5): MISS! This is not the same team that nearly lost to Jacksonville State in September. Auburn isn’t quite the beast that experts predicted them to be, but the are good enough to throw a wrench in the SEC West.

South Florida at East Carolina(-4.5): MISS! I would have done much better just picking every road team this week.

LSU at Alabama(-6.5): MISS! Alabama looked like the number one team here. Then again, LSU can’t throw the ball, so the Tide defense was free to destroy Leonard Fournette’s Heisman campaign.

Kansas at Texas(-28.5): MISS! I knew better….

Minnesota at Ohio State(-23.5): HIT! The Gophers are on a roll even though they didn’t win this game.

California at Oregon(-4.5): MISS! A healthy Vernon Adams makes Oregon a very different team, and very difficult to defend.

Arizona at USC(-20.5): HIT! Surprise, a road team won the last game. The road teams went 34-26 this week!

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This week I had one of my worst weeks ever, going 23-37. That puts me back under .500 on the season at 264-267. All the progress I made in the last month was wiped out by one week. I have a whole lot of work to do over the last month of the season.

My point total suffered too. Here is the breakdown. The season totals are in parenthesis:

1. 2-3 (30-28)

2. 5-9 (73-71)

3. 7-17 (87-97)

4. 5-5 (51-51)

5. 4-3 (23-20)

That puts me at a season worst -34 on the week, and moves me to -9 on the season. It will take a lot to recover from this lost week. Stay tuned as I make my picks for this week. Time to move forward!