Rex Ryan is pretty happy he beat the Jets (Video)

Credit: Charles Robinson (Vine)
Credit: Charles Robinson (Vine) /

It’s safe to say that Rex Ryan is pleased that his Bills defeated the Jets on Thursday

Thursday Night Football between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets in Week 10 was not a pretty football game. Both teams squandered away solid opportunities, the Jets committed silly and costly turnovers, and offense was extremely hard to come by for both teams throughout the night.

However, the Bills toughed out a victory after coming up with a big stop late in the fourth quarter after a mishandled snap on a punt put the Jets in great field position. Rex Ryan and the Bills got the win over Ryan’s former team and an AFC East foe. It’s safe to say that the Buffalo head coach was more than a little pleased with the result of the game. This is how he reacted when the Bills picked off Ryan Fitzpatrick to seal the victory (Warning: lip readers will see some NSFW language):

I’m pretty sure if Rex fist-pumped any harder than that, he might throw his shoulder out of socket.

For better or worse, Ryan made sure to make this game about him trying to defeat his former team. It was a big game in terms of the Bills’ playoff chances, but it was a big game for Ryan for personal reasons as well. I’d say his reaction to the win was more than indicative of all of that.