Ryan Fitzpatrick gets scary intense while scrambling (Video)

Credit: Jimmy Traina (Vine)
Credit: Jimmy Traina (Vine) /

Don’t look Ryan Fitzpatrick directly in the eyes

New York Jets starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is not particularly known for his mobility. He’s not a statue in the pocket by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s not the first quarterback that comes to mind when you think about quarterbacks in the NFL burning teams with their legs. However, that didn’t stop him from taking off during the third quarter against the Buffalo Bills.

During Fitzpatrick’s run, something odd happened. The replay gave us a look at Fitzpatrick’s face as he was taking off and escaping defense and the quarterback had the absolutely most unsettling look ever on his face:

What is Fitzpatrick seeing to make his face and his eyes look like that? Is he looking at fan holding up his career statistics off in the distance? Is he having a flashback to the first time that he watched Gigli from start to finish? Or did he just simply think about Rex Ryan’s foot fetish for the 1000th time? We may never know what exactly Fitzpatrick saw as he took off on that play; but I can assuredly say that I hope I don’t ever see what brought about that look in the Jets quarterback’s eyes.