The Daniel Bryan return is what the WWE needs


Yes! Yes! Yes!

The words that have become silent not only from Daniel Bryan, but from the WWE Universe as well for an extended period of time. It has been 6 months since the underdog of the roster was in a WWE ring, dealing with a lingering concussion. Daniel has said he is waiting for the WWE doctors and staff to clear him so can he enter the squared circle once again. And what better time than now?

With John Cena given time off and Seth Rollins injured, there is no better time than now to bring back the Yes Movement. The star potential the WWE is lacking right now is becoming more and more noticeable. There has been talks of Brock Lesnar signing more dates, but he is a totally different identity itself. Lesnar still works limited dates and is a family man first. With Daniel Bryan you are bringing a noted face back into the fold,  along with a full time schedule that what the company needs.

Before Bryan was injured, he was the Intercontinental Champion and would have had decent run if he stayed healthy. Dealing with the injuries is something he has dealt with before but with this issue lingering with the clearance factor, the frustration continues to build.

The WWE Championship is still very much in the air and with the WWE putting on a tournament is showing that this could lead to many different story lines after it is completed. However, the WWE is lacking the fan push and keeping the audience locked into RAW on a constient basis. Usually this a normal situation for the company, as they are dealing the Monday Night Football, but the ratings continue to decrease each and every week. Now bringing back Daniel Bryan won’t be the savior for the ratings but it will definitely bring the viewership the WWE is severely lacking with their major stars on the sidelines.

Now, the return of Daniel Bryan should be something that should be a bombshell. It shouldn’t be something where the WWE builds up with vignettes asking you to tune in the next few weeks in order to see his debut. It should be something that comes out of the blue and makes Bryan’s return more meaningful. Building it up is something that could have happened if not for the absences of others, but with them being out of the picture the timing couldn’t be better.

Yes, the health of his body is more important than a wrestling match and if he cannot be cleared the WWE would have to look elsewhere. There is a plethora of NXT talent waiting in the wings but it will take a while for them to develop under the WWE banner. The viewers and fans aren’t willing to wait for them to go through creative changes once they are brought up to the main roster.

But if Bryan is cleared and the WWE gives him the go ahead to bring back the finger pointing in the air and the repeatedly use of the word YES, it will be a shot in the arm the company desperately needs. To bring him back into a the main fold of either the WWE championship or going after the title he had to relinquish after his injury is just a few ideas the creative writers can introduce.

The main roster is very thin and Daniel Bryan with a clean bill of health, can return would be something that many WWE fans will no undoubtedly get behind. To hear that one word be echoed through an arena again, will be a win not only for the fans, but for the company in a very peculiar situation.