Could these Zebras start for the Philadelphia 76ers?

via @Key_BlackBeauty

via @Key_BlackBeauty

We here at Friendly Bounce bring you as many important NBA updates as we can, and today is no different. Here we have some important information out of Philadelphia.

Is it about the newest members of the Sixers? Well… it hard to say. Earlier today some zebras escaped from the circus in Philadelphia and began their romp around the city.

First of all, these zebras showed some great ingenuity and creative thinking to make their escape. Then, they displayed their bravado and confidence to follow their own path. These are definitely traits that Sam Hinkie would value, giving these zebras a pretty good chance to at the very least get a look.

Look at this zebra flying down the street! He’s showing some tremendous speed right here.

Ah, a good sign to see these Zebras making their way to Planet Fitness. It’s always good to see rookies invested in getting in the best possible shape.

All signs looked to be pointing to these zebras at the very least getting a non-guaranteed deal from the Sixers, but we have some bad news.

The zebras have been captured.

Now that the circus has control of the zebras again, it’s going to take some maneuvering by Hinkie to get them on the Sixers. Are these zebras worth a second-round pick? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.