Tony Romo throws amazing pass to avoid safety (Video)


Tony Romo threw a pass with his non-throwing hand that was prettier than anything we’ve seen in the last handful of weeks.

When the Dallas Cowboy lost Tony Romo back in Week 2 against the Eagles, it looked like Brandon Weeden was going to maybe lead the team in the meantime. We were all wrong about that; ditto for the Matt Cassel experience.

Both of those quarterbacks failed to do anything of positive note in the absence of Romo, with Weeden playing so atrociously that he was cut. With Romo back, we’re already seeing how much better he is than any of the quarterbacks to who came in to replace him and how much better he is than we give him credit for.

Not only did Romo avoid a safety against Miami on Sunday, but he demonstrated that he can throw better with his left hand than both Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel can throw with their right.

This is why he Cowboys need Romo back. He’s more than just a leader in the locker room and all that — he’s the most competent quarterback they’ve had since the 1990s. Let’s not go nuts comparing him to Aikman, but name another quarterback who gives you any sort of confidence under center in Dallas other than Romo.