Sad UCF fan just wants the Knights to beat somebody (Video)


This UCF fan really just wanted his team to beat somebody, although that’s not going to happen

Well, here’s the good news for the UCF football team: After South Florida is done demolishing them on Thursday night, then this nightmare season will finally come to an end here in 2015. Yes, the Knights are on their way to an 0-12 record, again, once they get finished taking their beating from the Bulls.

Yes, it’s been quite the nightmare for this UCF team, which means that it’s been a nightmare for the fans as well. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to watch your beloved program stumble through a season like this, but some still hold out hope.

You know, like this UCF fan that the camera just happened to pan to at one point. This Knights supporter was sitting in the stands by himself and he even have a message for these guys on the final night of the season.

Nope. Not tonight. This was a nice gesture from this UCF fan, but unfortunately he’s not going to get what he so badly wants here. He’ll have to wait until next year to see whether or not this program can once again beat somebody.