Fantasy Football: Tyler Eifert Or Jordan Reed

Who Do I Start? Tyler Efiert Or Jordan Reed

We are down to that part of the fantasy football season where every single game matters. I know that basically every game matters, but losing late in the season can be more detrimental to your chances to get in the playoffs. I like to talk in this article about how I choose when I have two great players to pick one spot for. I have Tyler Eifert and Jordan Reed and only one spot that I can use them in.

Tyler Eifert has been extremely hot and seems to be the better play, but Jordan Reed is finally healthy and off of the injury report for the Redskins. Kirk Cousins has also been hot over two of his past four weeks. Eifert and Reed will both be on the receiving end of a hot QB. Andy Dalton comes in to the game as a top 7 fantasy QB and he is facing a tough Rams defense. Cousins faces a much easier opponent in the Giants.

While the Rams are tough on fantasy QBs and fantasy WRs, they have a weakness against fantasy TEs. I like that for Eifert. When you add that in and consider Dalton’s intelligence and rapport with Eifert they should be able to hook up for some scores.

My safe side seems to lean to Eifert, but the gambler in me seems to lean-to Reed. He has scored in three of his last four games, and the only game he didn’t score in was against the tough Panther defense. The fact that reed will face an overall easier defense even has my safe side wanting to lean-to him, but I am just not completely sold on the fact that he won’t get a concussion in warm-ups or driving to the game.

At the end of the day here you just have to make a gut call. The fun and mostly annoying thing is that sometimes you will get this right and sometimes you will get this wrong. The sad thing is that you can do everything right and have all of your analysis done and still pick the wrong guy. You truly never can know who is going to come out and perform on a given Sunday.

My gut instincts are telling me to come out and roll with Eifert, but after having what I already knew was going to be a lackluster performance from Dez Bryant I may need to use the guy that I feel may have the higher ceiling for the day and that is Jordan Reed. I could not fault you for using either if these guys if you are faced with the same battle, but I feel as though I will go against my gut instincts and ride with Reed here.

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