Jimmy Graham injury update: Seahawks TE leaves Week 12


Jimmy Graham was starting to turn it on for the Seahawks as of late, but his season might have come to an end when he suffered a scary injury in Week 12. 

The Seattle Seahawks are struggling to stay alive in the NFC Playoff picture, but they received a blow on Sunday that might take them out of the running. Jimmy Graham suffered a brutal leg injury that forced him to be carted off the field with an air cast on his leg.

It wasn’t a pretty sight to behold, and Seahawks fans held their breath as Graham was quickly carted off the field and back to the Seattle locker room.

So far, not much is known about the extent of the injury to Graham, but the fact that he had to be carted off with an air cast on his leg isn’t a very positive sign. If Graham is lost for the rest of the season, then that will be a huge blow to the Seahawks offensive attack — one that already wasn’t all that impressive.

Already, the Seahawks are missing Marshawn Lynch and losing Graham as well will deplete the team even more than already were or would like to be.