Odell Beckham Jr. makes another absurd one-handed diving catch (Video)

Credit: Barstool Jordie
Credit: Barstool Jordie /

Odell Beckham Jr. makes incredible catches like clockwork

Odell Beckham Jr. lights the world on fire on a regular basis with the New York Giants. As a rookie last season, Beckham essentially broke the Internet when he reached back over his head to make a one-handed grab on Sunday Night Football. On Week 12 of the 2015 season against the Washington Redskins, OBJ made a catch that rivals his most famous grab in terms of impressiveness.

Down the left sideline, Eli Manning threw a lobbing pass that seemed like it was going to sail over the head of Beckham and the Redskins’ defensive back. However, OBJ laid out to try and make the grab. He reached out and got one hand on the ball and, when you’re Odell Beckham Jr., that’s all you need to haul in the grab for the touchdown:

How does a human being do things like that? This is a common theme when OBJ is on a football field, but there has never been a receiver who consistently makes plays that are truly astonishing.

The underrated part of this catch is that he somehow managed to stay inbounds while diving and reaching out with one hand. Surely some sort of physics would carry one part of his body out of bounds, but it didn’t. More and more, it seems like physics don’t apply to OBJ.