NFL Mock Draft: Week 13 Wednesday edition

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Thanks to Devonta Freeman, head coach Dan Quinn can feel mighty optimistic about his team’s offense. For the first time since Michael Turner’s days in ATL do the Falcons finally have a running back to take the pressure off Matt Ryan and really balance out the offense. This means Quinn can continue focusing on his bread and butter: defense.

Thanks to Oregon’s lackluster season and consistent matching up against video game offenses, DeForest Buckner doesn’t get the love nationally that other defensive players do. However, some consider him the top defensive line prospect entering the 2016 NFL Draft – yes, over the likes of Joey Bosa and Robert Nkemdiche.

Buckner possesses the size and speed that will drive tackles crazy coming off the end. His bullrush is impeccable, and his burst off the line is startling. He’s a sack master who never gives up on plays and will even be a factor in the run game.
It’s very well likely that Buckner is one of the players from this draft whom everyone looks back on and wondered how he wasn’t one of the top guys off the board.

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