NFL Mock Draft: Week 13 Wednesday edition

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Well, at least the Houston Texans don’t have to worry about the defensive side of the ball. They’re about as stout as it comes when it comes to breaking opposing offenses’ wills. Offense, well, that’s another story. Outside of DeAndre Hopkins, there’s very little to be optimistic about in the way of skill players.

How did Ezekiel Elliott fly under the radar for so long during the 2015 season? He was a Heisman favorite during the preseason, but then took a backseat to the Chubbs, Fournettes, Henrys, Bookers, etc. across the country.

All the while, Zeke kept doing his thing: hitting holes, ripping long runs and overpowering opponents at the second level. He’s a great combination of balance, power and speed, and somebody who can pass-block to boot.

Elliott might not blast off immediately like 2015 first round pick Todd Gurley, but here’s what Zeke carries in his back pocket: durability. He’s a workhorse and not somebody you need to worry about on the injury report every week. It’s solid, consistent production to set the watch by.

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