NFL Mock Draft: Week 13 Wednesday edition

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How do you save a team that has needs at every conceivable position? Well, it’s pretty easy: look at the big board, check who the top player available is and then pick up the phone and call that agent. The perks of being putrid. San Francisco was slightly off-kilter while Jim Harbaugh was in his last days. After Jimmy H left, the team officially went off the rails.

Goff has started at Cal since his true freshman season and he’s taken his lumps. However, while taking those lumps, he’s also improved to become maybe the best pure pocket passer in all of college football under Sonny Dykes.

This is a young man that you can develop, and not somebody that needs to start right off the bat. He’s been baptized by fire before, so being thrown to the wolves would be nothing new. However, sitting for a season to learn the ropes wouldn’t hurt.

His accuracy has waned at times, but the pure talent is right there. With the right coaching Goff has the potential to be a big-time quarterback in the league.

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