Five Daily Fantasy Building Blocks for Week 13


Where should you start you NFL DFS team this week?

The goal to building a great daily fantasy football line-up is having a mix of players that have a high ownership percentage and a low ownership percentage. Tom Brady will be in a large portion of daily fantasy line-ups. Vance McDonald might find himself in three line-ups. If you can get a mix of that, you will win some money. With that said, you still need studs. The following five guys are a perfect mix of sleeper and stud building blocks.

5. Cam Newton, Quarterback, Carolina Panthers: FanDuel $9,000 DraftKings $7,400

Newton’s price might be high, but his output will back it up. A quarterback who can throw touchdowns and run for touchdowns is worth his weight in gold. The reason he is number five on the list is that Cam will be owned by quite a few owners. Instead of taking a risk, add Newton and take the guaranteed points.

4. Greg Olsen, Tight End, Carolina Panthers: FanDuel $6,600 DraftKings $6,400

Stacking a quarterback with his favorite target is usually a very smart daily fantasy strategy. Greg Olsen is Cam Newton’s favorite and only target in Carolina. Cam will throw a touchdown or two against a terrible New Orleans Saints defense. At least one touchdown will go to Olsen. Double points makes everybody happy!

3. Brandon McManus, Kicker, Denver Broncos: FanDuel $4,800

Hear me out! I understand kickers are only available on FanDuel, but this guy will have a huge day. San Diego will give Brock Osweiler a hard time. Osweiler will not play well for a third consecutive start. Look for McManus to kick a handful of field goals against the Chargers. A kicker can score double digit points in a hurry.

2. DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver, Houston Texans: FanDuel $8,900 DraftKings $8,800

This guy should always be in your line-up. Hopkins price could be $15,000, and I would still draft him. The Houston Texan wide receiver is automatic! Last week he was my number one building block. 200 yards and two touchdowns is a real possibility with DeAndre.

1.Thomas Rawls, Running Back, Seattle Seahawks: FanDuel $7,000 DraftKings $5,400

How was Rawls undrafted? I can think of a few teams that need a running back. The Patriots come to mind… Even though he will be going against a stingy Minnesota Vikings front seven, Thomas Rawls should still be in your line-up. His homerun potential is worth any price. 80 yards and 1 touchdown would be a modest game out of the new Seahawks’ running back.

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Good luck out there!