Lee Corso’s headgear pick on College GameDay, Michigan State vs Iowa (Video)


Watching Lee Corso make his College GameDay headgear pick between the Michigan State Spartans and Iowa Hawkeyes.

At this stage in the game, we can agree that the entire 2015 season has been one colossal troll by Lee Corso. I mean it has to be, right? How else would one explain his ridiculous curse with the Michigan State Spartans, and then the College GameDay team holding court on Championship Week at the Big Ten Championship Game?

Here’s a refresher, for the uninitiated. Corso zoomed out of the gates like a stallion after selecting Alabama to beat Wisconsin in the season-opener. The following week is when things got cute.

Up in East Lansing for the Oregon-Michigan State tilt, Coach initially went with Sparty. However, in a classic “not so fast” moment, he found that his friend The Duck had tied up the Spartans’ equipment and basically forced Coach to go with Oregon. While cute in practice, the die had been cast. The Ducks would lose a close one, and Coach would spiral out of control, racking up loss after loss.

In his second go-round with Sparty, Coach was forced to choose between Michigan State and Michigan up in Ann Arbor. Much like he drank the Ducks’ Kool-Aid, Corso was suckered in by Jim Harbaugh and the Amazing Techincolor Khakis. In one of the strangest finishes ever, the Spartans pulled out a victory following a Wolverines’ botched punt.

Round 3: Ohio State vs Michigan State. We all knew Coach wasn’t picking against Brutus the Buckeye at The Horseshoe. He didn’t. Michigan State won again.

And now here we are at the fourth piece of the pie. Michigan State, for yet another go-round, gets the headgear treatment. Does Coach prove his insanity and go against the Iowa Hawkeyes, or does he finally learn from those mistakes and dig down like the mighty Leonidas?

The answer, of course, was the Michigan State Spartans (because when you’re 0-3 you have to punt). And the Championship Week crowd in Indianapolis went wild.