Stephen Curry gets shots off in blink of an eye (Video)


Stephen Curry just lives his life in a perpetual state of making ridiculous basketball plays

Stephen Curry is an alien infiltrating the NBA and wreaking all kinds of havoc on the league in the process—or at least that’s plausible to say about the Golden State Warriors point guard and reigning MVP at this point. Those people waiting for him to cool down have just kept on waiting as he delivers highlight after highlight. Saturday against the Toronto Raptors was no different.

While he was going off in the first quarter, hitting his first five shots and first four three-point attempts in the first quarter, Curry curled around Draymond Green to the top of the key. Green fed him the ball and, before anyone had time to process the fact that Curry even had the ball in his hands, it was already in the air and destined for the bottom of the net:

We are seriously going to run out of adjectives to describe Curry if he keeps this up for another 60 games this season. He’s completely lost his mind and has no regard for anyone that he’s playing. Players shouldn’t be allowed to shoot as accurately and efficiently as he does while being able to get a shot off in the blink of an eye.

Join us next time for more adventures in Stephen Curry making the absurd look routine because, at this rate, there’s unquestionably going to be much more to come.