Antonio Brown returns punt 71 yards vs Colts for TD, straddles the goal post (Video)


Antonio Brown returned a punt for a touchdown against the Colts on Sunday, but the celebration was even better.

It will never not be fun for us to be reminded how insanely good Antonio Brown is. However, what makes it even better is when he gives us a celebration that makes us smile even more than he does when he’s on the field.

In the fourth quarter of this one on Sunday night with the Steelers already up 38-10 over the Indianapolis Colts, Brown went back to field a punt after the Indianapolis offense was stopped once again.

Now, watching Brown weave his way through the coverage was amazing to begin with, but his celebration where he straddled the goal post was the real MVP of this play.

I mean, the ending really was just the best!

This guy is not only quite possibly the best receiver in the NFL, but he’s having a hell of a time with himself while he proves it to everyone that’s watching him.

Was he penalized for the act? Yep! Was it totally worth it? Well, he didn’t get injured and the Steelers were blowing them out so … YEP!

Brown has been having himself a tremendous night with multiple touchdown catches and this punt return. Is there anything this man cannot do out there on that field?