NFL Power Rankings: Panthers, Patriots and Bengals at the top entering Week 14

FanSided's NFL Power Rankings have been updated following the Super Bowl.
FanSided's NFL Power Rankings have been updated following the Super Bowl. /
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team. 52. <p>The Jacksonville Jaguars may have lost on Sunday, but if there’s ever any consolation in an L it was that contest to the Tennessee Titans.</p> <p>Blake Bortles has had plenty of promising moments in the National Football League, but Sunday was arguably his greatest game as a professional. Throwing for 322 yards and five touchdowns (with no picks) counts as a statement game regardless of the result.</p> <p>It’s time to start talking about Bortles and Allen Robinson as one of the league’s top quarterback-wide receiver duos. Robinson is destined to be the latest Pro Bowl player that makes the game, yet nobody knows his name. Dude catches touchdowns like elementary kids catch colds. His three touchdowns and 153 yards against Tennessee were high marks in a coming-out season.</p> <p>Now it’s time to kick the running game into gear. It seems like when Bortles is cooking, TJ Yeldon can’t get any traction on the ground. Same goes for when Yeldon is grinding – Bortles can’t get it on. When both have a good game simultaneously, look out, ma, because this team might boast a potent offense.</p> <p>For so long it’s been the Jaguars boasting a solid defense and moribund offense. Once the team’s injuries start healing up it’ll be okay. The results weren’t there on Sunday, but the future is bright.</p>. (4-8). Previous: . jacksonville jaguars. 30

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