Beer costs more than the price of a ticket at 76ers games (Photo)


After getting into the Philadelphia 76ers‘ game against the San Antonio Spurs cheap, one 76ers fan made the front page of Reddit.

The Philadelphia 76ers are so bad that no one wants to go to their games. Those that do go to their games, end up falling asleep in the stands and quite frankly that’s almost a better option than watching the product on the court that is on pace for four or five wins this season.

With the San Antonio Spurs in town, it was a good time for people in town to go watch a real basketball team play. Unfortunately, they just had to watch it at the expense of their own team getting clobbered by 50+ points in horrific fashion.

76ers fan makes front page of Reddit. Photo Credit: Reddit
76ers fan makes front page of Reddit. Photo Credit: Reddit /

With a good team like San Antonio in town, one would think it might be a little harder than usual to score a ticket to the game. Well it wasn’t for one fans, as he made the front page of Reddit, after posting about how his beer at the game was more expensive than his ticket to get in.

The prices of beer in arenas is already way too high, but if they’re now more expensive than a ticket to get in, does that speak more to the pricing or just how terrible the 76ers are?

With the trajectory that 76ers are currently on, people are going to need a lot of beer to watch them and the demand for that beer will only make prices increase. The good news though is if the 76ers keep getting clobbered and lose a bunch, the tickets should become cheaper and cheaper.