NFL Mock Draft 2016: Week 14 edition

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9. San Francisco 49ers

Late last week reports surfaced out of San Francisco that the 49ers were willing to bring back Colin Kaepernick. That the honeymoon was, indeed, not over. And that the two sides might be able to reconcile.

To quote the great Public Enemy: Don’t believe the hype.

You have a better shot at seeing Jim Harbaugh back in San Francisco next year than you do Kaepernick. Between his contract and the acrimony, that ship has sailed.

The last time a highly-touted quarterback came out Cal, and the Niners needed a QB they looked elsewhere. That Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers decision still haunts the franchise. The same mistake will not be made again.

Goff throws the best ball out of any passer in the draft. Is he a sure thing like Andrew Luck from several years back? No. Does he have the potential to lead a high-caliber team and eventually become a mainstay in the playoffs? Absolutely.

Much of the promise of Goff is his tremendous upside. He’s only 21 and has developed in every year at Cal. While this season his interception total grew some, so did his touchdowns. In the past two years Goff has whipped 72 touchdowns to only 20 interceptions. Moreover, his completion percentage has gotten better with each successive season.

A new era is dawning in the City by the Bay.

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