Herm Edwards absolutely shreds LeSean McCoy


After LeSean McCoy continued to make comments about his former coach Chip Kelly, Herm Edwards absolutely shredded McCoy.

LeSean McCoy has made a lot of comments about his former head coach Chip Kelly since he was traded in the off-season from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Buffalo Bills, and the comments haven’t stopped yet.

When Chip Kelly said he wanted to shake McCoy’s hand, McCoy continued to go off on his old coach. One person who was not happy with McCoy’s comments about his former coach, or players like McCoy in general, was former NFL head coach and player, Herm Edwards.

Edwards did not take kindly to the things that McCoy had been saying and was adamant that McCoy and other players make it about themselves, instead of the game of football.

Edwards doesn’t feel that players in this league should be able to go around and say exactly whatever they want, without their being some sort of repercussion on it. A lot of McCoy’s comments about Kelly have led some to having some incorrect thoughts about the Eagles’ coach.

Edwards feels that what McCoy and players like him are doing is absolutely disrespectful. They are making everything about themselves, because they know they can’t be punished for it.

That’s why as a former coach, Edwards is animated and absolutely livid with McCoy.