NFL power rankings: Week 14 hump day edition

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(6-6). Previous: . Atlanta Falcons. 19. team. 44. <p>What in the hell has happened to the Falcons? They were 5-0 to start the season but have proceeded to collapse hard in the NFC and boast a 6-6 record. That’s bad news for Dan Quinn’s team, and it’s looking like despite the changes in the offseason to avoid an epic collapse, that very thing is going to happen anyways.</p> <p>There’s still a chance the Falcons can turn things around, but it’s looking pretty hopeless at this point in the season. Atlanta had best pack it up and look forward to a draft pick rather than limping into the playoff firing line. With their loss last Sunday the Falcons officially gifted the NFC South to the Carolina Panthers.</p> <p>Funny thing is, this version of the Falcons is what we expected to see at the season’s beginning. However, after a fools gold start, we were lured into believing they are good. Expectations were adjusted. If we recalibrate to what was expected back in August then maybe things aren’t <em>that</em> bad. (Even though they really are)</p>