NFL power rankings: Week 14 hump day edition

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(6-6). Previous: . Buffalo Bills. 11. team. 16. <p>The Bills may be the most intriguing team to watch over the final month of the season. Their schedule is ridiculously manageable and they’ll be a factor in both the AFC and NFC playoff races.</p> <p>Come to think of it, the most important team in the NFC East’s playoff picture is the Buffalo Bills. Over the next three weeks, in succession, Buffalo plays the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. Depending on their mood and play, the Bills could cripple any of those franchises’ hopes of reaching the postseason.</p> <p>The final game of the year comes against the New York Jets at home. For those counting at home, those are four manageable games, meaning that the Bills could conceivably win out. We’re at that special time in a young team’s lifespan where Buffalo could end the season 6-10, 10-6 or any point in between. Everything is on the table.</p> <p>Last week’s game against the Texans gave the world a glimpse of what Buffalo can be when all pieces are healthy. Nobody, save Sammy Watkins had an overly impressive game, but everyone was consistent. It was a systematic deconstruction of what had been a scorching hot Texans squad.</p> <p>LeSean McCoy should come out and play like a man possessed to beat the doors off Philly, and fun times could be ahead in Upstate New York.</p>