NFL power rankings: Week 14 hump day edition

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Minnesota Vikings. 8. team. 60. <p>Minnesota is a nice team on the rise, but Sunday showcased why it is not a true Super Bowl contender. Against better teams, the Vikings don’t yet have the chops to deal with those presences. Against the Green Bay Packers, the Vikings were overwhelmed and outclassed in their own building. This Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks put it on Minnesota, beating it 38-7. The Vikings only scored on a Cordarrelle Patterson kickoff return. Minnesota is likely to make the postseason, but it could be one-and-done without a serious improvement both on the offensive line and in the passing game.</p> <p>There’s an old adage that says if you cut off the head, the body will die. Well, Adrian Peterson is the head, and without him the Vikings crumble. The modus operandi for any team facing Minnesota is to stack the box and limit Peterson’s production. If he’s bottled up, there’s a good chance the Vikings will fall. Time to step up and out of that caretaker role, Teddy B.</p>. (8-4). Previous: