Mercury Morris: ’72 Dolphins better than Panthers


Mercury Morris has said that his Dolphins are better than the Carolina Panthers, even if they went on to complete a 19-0 season.

The Carolina Panthers have continually been written off all season. They were always compared pejoratively to their unbeaten friends earlier in the year, have been named as the worst 12-0 side in history and more generally been underestimated by the whole league. And now? Legendary Mercury Morris is the next to offer his opinion on the prospect of the Panther’s unbeaten season, and like many before him, he is not all that positive about the NFC South side.

Talking about Carolina, the Miami running back stated that they do not compare to his legendary ’72 Dolphins led by coach Don Shula.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Morris said:

"“I have to take my hat off to them. It’s not easy to get 12 wins. Let [the Panthers] get past that jinx of the 13th game and then come ask me again if I think they will have a perfect season. Do you know the second biggest canyon in the U.S.? No, because everyone only knows about the Grand Canyon. No one cares about the second to do anything.”"

While Morris does credit the Panther’s impressive achievement of not losing a game so far through the year. However, the running back who rushed for over 1,000 yards during Miami’s perfect season was adamant that Carolina would not compare to his Dolphins.

Whether he’s right or not is yet to be decided, however, the comments will be welcomed by Cam Newton and his Panthers who have looked to prove people wrong all year long. The perfect season is definitely within reach.