NFL Rumors: DeMarco Murray trying to get cut by Eagles?


The DeMarco Murray experiment in Philadelphia has failed miserably, but is the running back tying to get cut so he can return to the Dallas Cowboys?

When the Philadelphia Eagles inked DeMarco Murray to a fat offseason contract, there were doubters among us who believed the deal was set up to fail. Murray was a downhill runner who didn’t really fit the Chip Kelly plug-and-play model. That didn’t stop the deal from happening though — and it hasn’t stopped the relationship from failing.

According to NFL insider Jason Cole, executives around the league are increasingly under the impression that Murray wants to be cut by the Eagles so he can return to the Cowboys — a system he fir much better in.

It’s been a rough season for Murray who is now openly complaining about the broken promises that Chip Kelly made to him before the season started. The Eagles losing ways only compounds frustrations that Murray has been having over his backseat role in Philly. You can’t totally blame Murray either, as he went from NFL rushing leader in 2014 to just some dude who plays or Chip Kelly in 2015.

That’s culture shock.

As Cole points out, the complications in Murray returning to Dallas lies entirely in his contract. He has $30 million left due on his contract with the Eagles, and that’s money Jerry Jones will not be helping Jeff Lurie get out from underneath. Trading for Murray is basically out of the question for moral and financial reasons in Dallas — which means Murray needs to slice his way out of Philly and force himself to be cut.

Given how much dead money would be on the books if that happens, it’s unlikely that Murray will be on the market anytime soon. That being said, Philly could end up figuring that they’re better off without Murray, even if they have to eat his contract and pay long term for a shot sighted signing.