Cam Newton wouldn’t let this adult take a football from a little kid (Video)


Cam Newton wasn’t about to let an adult take a football away from a kid. 

It’s hard to argue against Cam Newton being the best thing about the NFL right now. He’s spunky, he’s hip and he’s an all around nice guy from everything we know about him. One of the ways he’s won over the hearts and minds of football fans is the way he donates footballs to young fans after the Panthers score.

Sometimes, there are fans hat want to get in the way of that — but nice guy Cam isn’t all about that action.

After scoring another touchdown, Newton did what he always does and ran to give the football to a young fan in the front row. But when an adult tried to take the football away — good guy Cam wasn’t having any of it.

Let’s break that down:

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Newton may very well be the MVP this season as the case against him winning is very hard to make. He’s leading the Panthers to what might end up being a 16-0 season, and he has continued to get better and better with each passing game. Newton isn’t the best quarterback in the NFL — yet — but he’s the best thing about the NFL this year.

Especially when he’s such a nice guy.