Rex Ryan yells at officials following loss to Eagles (Video)


Rex Ryan gave the officials an earful after the Buffalo Bills fell to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Buffalo Bills lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in LeSean McCoy’s return to his old team since he was traded this past off-season. It wasn’t a performance Rex Ryan’s team will want to remember and the loss keeps them further away from making the playoffs. After the game, Ryan wasn’t pleased and decided to give the officials a mouthful as they both headed into the tunnel.

Before heading off to his separate way, Ryan decided he needed to tell the referees they messed up about something. Yet, his team was once again undisciplined against the Eagles and many of those penalties were obvious and hard to not call. Instead of taking his frustration out on the refs, he should take it out on his team who were the ones who screwed up.

Usually, coaches are on the field longer than the officials. Even if they come into the tunnel after a game, they are usually separated by security or other event staff. In this case Ryan just did what he wanted and walked right next to them and ripped into the officials.

Don’t be surprised if the league fines Ryan later this week for his actions towards the officials. At the end of the day, the officiating didn’t blow the Bills’ game plan or winning the game, but rather a team that once again showed their undisciplined nature. Ryan’s angst is misplaced and he should channel it in a way that can motivate his team for their Week 15 game.