ESPN does not know anything about football (Video)


ESPN does not know anything about football. Seriously.

On Tuesday, ESPN’s NFL Live had Mark Wahlberg and Will Farrell on to pimp out their upcoming movie Daddy’s Home. While they were on the set, ESPN brought in Mark Brunell and Tim Hasselbeck to do a Family Feud-style game where the two teams of people tried to name the top five football movies of all-time.

The answers were a product of social media, and the whole thing was a debacle. The actors called out The Longest Yard and somehow, the minions on Twitter did not include that. Then the quarterback and somebody who tried to play quarterback went with Remember The Titans, which was the top answer. It was the only thing that made sense the entire segment.

At one point, Hasselbeck yelled out The Waterboy, which is something near and dear to his heart.

This was followed by Wahlberg and Farrell calling out Invincible, which Wahlberg starred in. Shockingly, Wahlberg’s movie did not make the list, creating an awkward moment. Then Brunell and Matt Hasselbeck’s brother rolled deep with Brian’s Song, a move that involved football but certainly is not a football movie. Of course, Brian’s Song was somehow fifth.

At this moment, the ESPN tech crew had enough of this garbage. They revealed all five movies, which somehow did not include Rudy. Rudy is the greatest football movie of all-time by a wide margin, and neither team thought to guess that. Meanwhile, those basement-dwellers on Twitter didn’t put it in the top five, somehow listing The Blind Side, We Are Marshall and Any Given Sunday.

Throughout the segment, the jokes landed about as cleanly as Tom Brady’s comments about Donald Trump. It was terrible and made you question why you owned a television. Then there was Brunell, who literally did not say a word the entire time. Does the man not have one movie at his house involving football? Is this real life?

All of this goes to show what a train wreck ESPN has become. This used to be the leader in sports coverage, breaking stories and being funny. You remember, back when Stuart Scott and Keith Olbermann roamed Bristol. Now? We have a couple of aging actors, a pipe cleaner for a host, one former NFL quarterback and Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s husband.