Jalen Rose says John Wall spending $47,000 at strip club is charitable


After John Wall spent $47,000 at a strip club, Jalen Rose referred to him as charitable.

When Washington Wizards guard John Wall spent $47,000 at a strip club, everyone’s mind was left spinning at the tab that he racked up. While Wall certainly had himself a good night at the strip club, former NBA player Jalen Rose commended Wall on his night, and even went as far as to call it charitable.

During an episode of the Jalen & Jacoby Podcast, Rose discussed Wall’s night out and even compared and contrasted Wall’s strip club practices to his. Not only did he discuss Wall’s contribution to the strip club as charity, but he even compared it to the act of Russell Westbrook donating $1 million to UCLA.

"“Russell Westbrook and John Wall both did a great charitable thing,” he said. “Russell Westbrook, giving $1 million to UCLA, it’s noble, it’s recognizable, it’s something that’s going to create a legacy for his name for years to come. It’s philanthropic work. Now, the charity that John Wall did, that’s the charity that makes it to the hood, and it also is a donation to those who are working really hard to entertain adults that evening. And when a customer does come in and spends that type of cake, everyone leaves with full bags. And you know what? I support full bags!”"

Now there’s certainly a big difference between Russell Westbrook donating $1 million to UCLA and John Wall having a night out at the strip club. One was more philanthropy, while the other was more pleasure that ends up having a desirable outcome for the workers.

Still, Rose has a point about Wall’s act. Even if he was going into the strip club to have a good time like many do, by spending all that money, it does indeed help the hard-working individuals at the strip club that are aiming to make a living. Rose might not be one to make it rain, but he certainly won’t knock Wall for his practices.

There’s many ways of giving back, and technically Wall’s trip to a strip club was one of those ways.