Patrick Peterson dresses up as an elf (Photo)


Patrick Peterson has dressed up as an elf.

Patrick Peterson is quickly becoming one the greatest cornerbacks in the NFL, shutting down number one receivers left, right and center. It looks as though he’s not so good throwing the ball as he is covering the guys who trying to catch it however. After losing the weekly quarterback challenge with the Arizona Cardinals, Peterson was forced to dress up as an elf. The Cardinals were clearly full of the Christmas spirit.

The challenge consists of simply throwing the pigskin 15 yards at a trash can, and the loser is forced to wear something for pregame warmups. Peterson was clearly not the best at throwing the football, and as such, must warm up as Santa’s little helper. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and all.

Peterson has been utterly fantastic all year long in a Cardinals’ defense that has dominated opposing offenses so far this season. Alongside the versatile duo of Tyrann Mathieu and Deone Bucannon, the Cardinals’ defense has been a dream to watch and a nightmare to play against. With Carson Palmer playing at an MVP standard, and the resurrection of Chris Johnson, the impressive Cardinals’ defense has been more than matched by their high octane, high scoring offense.

While Peterson will have to endure the embarrassment of warming up as an elf, he will be hoping Santa can bring him a nice Christmas present, as they can wrap up the NFC West with a win this Sunday.