Ravens wearing horrifying uniforms (Photo)


The Baltimore Ravens are wearing very ugly uniforms.

If this National Football League season will be remembered for anything, it will be the ugly uniforms all these teams are rolling deep with. On Sunday, the Ravens are going to give us a memory we will never be able to forget. Instead of going with their typical black pants to go with purple tops, the Ravens have chose this look:

"Gold pants for today."

Who thought this was a good look? Baltimore has nice uniforms and now they are pulling this nonsense? This is not some kind of throwback or a team paying homage to an older franchise from the city. Nope, this is a 4-9 team with nothing to play for giving fans one more reason to stay as far away as possible.

The Ravens need to stop the madness. Baltimore is going to look like a plum in mustard pants. This game could already be ugly enough with the Ravens bringing either Jimmy Clausen or Matt Schaub at quarterback, facing a Kansas City Chiefs team that has won seven straight games.

Hopefully, the contest comes to a close quickly. Then the Ravens close the film room and sets all the tape ablaze. Please, do the right thing.