NFL Power Rankings: Cardinals rise, Seahawks & Patriots drop in Week 17

FanSided's NFL Power Rankings have been updated following the Super Bowl.
FanSided's NFL Power Rankings have been updated following the Super Bowl. /
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jacksonville jaguars. 26. team. 52. <p>Coming into this season, not many really knew what to make of the Jacksonville Jaguars. They were a team that was stacked with some young talent, and some even believed they might be able to make a small playoff run. However, after losing to the Saints on Sunday, 38-27, this young group fell to 5-10 on the year.</p> <p>Blake Bortles threw for over 300 yards on the day and both Allen Robinson and Allen Hurn pulled in over 100 yards receiving. But, once again, the running game with this team was pretty much non-existent, which is something they need to rectify if they want to take that next step. There are some other issues as well, but they need to get a consistent running back into the fold somehow to start being competitive.</p> <p>It seems like this is a team that’s headed in the right direction, once they figure some things out. While 10 losses might be accepted by some this season, this will be something that’s probably completely unacceptable next year as this group continues to grow together. 2016 will most certainly be a crucial year for the Jaguars.</p> <p>With this one out of the way now, the Jaguars will look to get themselves one final win on the year when go on the road to take on the Houston Texans.</p>. (5-10). Previous:

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