LeBron James feasts on Otto Porter for big jam (Video)

Credit: Ben Golliver (Twitter)
Credit: Ben Golliver (Twitter) /

LeBron James took Otto Porter to school with a strong drive and thunderous jam

The Cleveland Cavaliers are finally back at full strength with Kyrie Irving’s return and it seems that even the players who have been there all season are feeding off of energy. At least that’s what Washington Wizards forward Otto Porter would probably tell you about LeBron James after what he did to him in the third quarter of their matchup on Wednesday night.

With LeBron already having a big night and the game being just over halfway done, Porter got matched up with James on the right wing. The Cavs star sized up Porter before basically just muscling his way around the Wizards forward and taking the lane all for himself en route to a trademark, thunderous two-handed jam:

If Porter feels bad that he just had that happen to him, someone tell him not to; making grown men look like children is kind of LeBron’s thing and has been for quite some time.

Despite LeBron dropping 30 points in the first three quarters, the Wizards were still keeping things close at the end of three. By the looks of this drive and jam by James, though, I’d say that the Cavs might have an ace in the hole if they need to put the game away down the stretch.